Diablo 4 Legendary Items Guide

We were able to get to know about some legendary items in the Diablo 4 game. So, we have compiled a list of them in this Diablo 4 Legendary Items Guide.

Amulet of Chilling Frost

Your chill effects will cause freeze to happen 25% faster, but you will do 30% less damage from frost. So, in Diablo 4, if you deal enough frost damage, the target will start to feel cold. The target will be frozen, which is a stun. This just speeds up the process, but in the end it does less damage from the cold. So that's great for cc.

Amulet of Pulling Whirlwind

Whirlwind periodically pulls nearby enemies to you (barbarian only). This has been in a lot of other diablo games and this is probably something you'll need if you're doing a full whirlwind build.

Boots of Chilling Frost 

These are just boots with the effect of your chill effects that will trigger freeze 25 faster while you deal 30 less frost damage. So this legendary effect so far can be on necklaces and boots.

Boots of Perilous Tread 

When you stand in your own damage and ground effects, they deal 27% more damage. So it could be pretty good for big AOE builds, and it would probably also be pretty good if you had a lot of big AOE effects but were a more tanky build. So you can stand in it with the enemy much more easily.

Chill grip Legendary Gloves 

When your minor destruction spells critically strike your next major destruction spell costs no mana and has a 100 chance to critically strike. This is one of the older legendaries so the UI on the item isn't completed but this would be a sorcerer or sorceress-only legendary. 

Rune Workers Conduit 

A legendary two-handed mace with the effect that critical hits with storm skills create an aura of lightning around you that shocks nearby enemies for 50% of the damage done over five seconds. Again, this is one of the older legendaries that have been shown, but I'm pretty sure it's only for druids. I don't think this is a generic lightning-procking item because druids do have skills that are called "storm skills." 

Executioner's Gauntlets 

When you use a skill that makes you angry, all of your remaining anger is used up and you get a 3.8 damage bonus for every extra point of anger you use up. It is only a barbarian. This is one of those legendary items that would change the way you play a lot. Instead of saying that an item takes 50 furies, it would now say that it takes as much fury as you have. When you use your fury, it will use all of it and do a lot more damage. 

Flicker Form 

It teleports you to a random place and moves you there. It costs 10 mana and doesn't have a cooldown. I'm not sure how this will work out. This seems like more of a meme or funny legendary, since being sent to a random place could be really bad, but being able to blink without a cooldown is really good.

But we would have to see if that random location is just like a distance forward or if it's really just in any direction, which would probably be too random to be good.

Staff of Fractured Flames 

Fireball launches three projectiles to deal 54 percent of normal damage. This would obviously be sorcerer or sorceress only. Making your fireball deal overall more damage but making it more of a spread AOE attack.

Hell Hammer

A legendary two-handed mace upheaval ignites the ground burning enemies for additional damage over three seconds and upheaval is a barbarian-only skill.

Raiment of Infinite Potential

At the place where you teleport to, there is a legendary chest armour casanova. So, when you teleport a Casanova, which is a big freeze around you, this is what happens. Now, the flicker form we just talked about could be pretty good. When you use teleport, it no longer has a cooldown and only costs mana, but it sends you somewhere random.

But if you combine these two, you can just spam teleport and cast nova at random places, which could be good depending on how strong your novas are.


A legendary mace whose basic skills deal 20 per cent less damage but generate 60 more fury. Again another barbarian only legendary. 

This could actually be a pretty decent combination with the other item we went over where any time you spend fury it spends all of your fury but deals more damage per additional fury spent.

Nature’s Balance

A legendary ring that makes the damage done by storm skills increase the damage done by earth skills by 17 for five seconds. Also, earth skills raise the chance of a critical hit by 16 for storm skills for five seconds. This is only for Druids. So, if you have a good number of storm and earth skills, this would be a good build. So you could switch between the two types of skills to keep these two buffs up most of the time.

Overflowing Cameo- A legendary Amulet

Lightning Traps periodically appear around you, dealing 274 damage after two seconds to nearby enemies. This seems to just be a generic legendary that anybody can use and you just randomly constantly create traps that deal damage to enemies.

Pent Up Axe- A Legendary Axe

For every second you don't use a furious skill, it does 4% more damage, up to a maximum of 24%. This is obviously only for barbarians, but it was also the item they used to show off the new legendary system we talked about.

So, basically, you could use this pent-up axe to take the essence off of this legendary and then get the pence-up glowing essence, which is also a legendary essence. It has the legendary effect we just talked about, which lets you put it on certain items. You can put this legendary on one-handed items, two-handed weapons, gloves, amulets, rings, and anything else that can be worn on one hand.

Ring of Frozen Thought- A Legendary Ring  

Your physical attacks make people feel cold. If you chill an enemy enough times, they will become frozen. This is another generic legendary that is pretty cool because it can be used by any class in the game. So melee classes could also use this and start adding chill effects to a lot of their damage, which will eventually freeze enemies. You could also use other legendary effects to make targets freeze faster.

Ring of Three Curses- A Legendary Ring 

Meteor gains a 45 critical strike damage bonus against vulnerable targets. This is another sorcerer only. Vulnerable targets just take additional damage. I guess it is 30 per cent increased damage for a certain amount of health depending on how much vulnerability is applied to them.

Soul Ward Tunic- A Legendary Chest Armor 

Teleport gives you a shield that takes 30 of your maximum health for 15 seconds. Only a sorcerer can do this. So far, we have seen many different teleport legendaries. I'm sure someone will make a crazy teleport build in which you spam teleports all over the map to trigger a lot of different effects. This would be a great thing to add to that. 

Staff of a Eurozone Strength- A Legendary Staff 

Knock down enemies and take 46 additional damage from your attacks. This isn't labelled as specific to any class. For any of the different classes or builds that have a lot of knockdowns, this could potentially be incredibly strong for that.


Above are a list of Diablo 4 Legendary items for you. You can try your best to obtain these items according to their skills. And if you want to get the Diablo 4 items quickly with no effort, you can buy them from Diablo4Items.com. We will deliver the items or other goods in minutes. By the way, we also continue to update other Diablo 4 guides in our news section. Stay tuned for more!