Diablo IV Monster Families Guide

Discover the dangerous denizens of Sanctuary in our comprehensive guide to the monster families of Diablo 4. From the savage beasts of the wilds to the demonic horde, learn all about the iconic enemies you'll face in your journey through the darkness.

Cannibal Monster Families

We're going to start with the cannibal family, who are very strange-looking people. The cool thing about them is that they kind of look like barbarians, but instead of eating normal meats or plants, they eat people. They have become cannibals, and they eat other people to stay alive. That's pretty crazy, guys. That's pretty crazy.

What kinds of monsters are in the cannibal family? There are three different kinds of monsters. The cannibal bruiser, whose real name we don't know yet, is the biggest of all the cannibals. It has two spy clubs and a heavy attack blow that could temporarily stun anyone who comes its way.

The cannibal swarmer is another member of the cannibal family. The cannibal family roams in large groups and quickly surrounds the player to kill them. Their attack method is rapid strikes with their dual axes, so if you run into a cannibal swarmer, he'll be surrounded by other cannibal swarmers who will rush you as quickly as they can while swinging their dual axes.

Also, we have the cannibal melee archetype, which is just a regular ad. When he attacks, he uses a two-handed greatsword cleaver, and he's one of the slowest members of his family, so he's easy to avoid. However, when he hits you, it hurts.

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Drowned Monster Families

The cursed undead, also known as the drowned monster family, are a new addition to the diablo series. They are made up of undead creatures that have crawled onto the shores of Scotland from the frozen sea to the north.

The drowned monsters wear armour made of tattered rags, ropes, and rusted metal. They are led by Meredith, who is also known as the drowned witch. Pretty scary, right? The drum family also has two melee monsters, but we don't know what their names are. We only know what they look like.

From the picture, it looks like one of them is using a bear bed mace on one hand, and the other looks like he has a maze, but this one has a hook. One thing you can tell about them is that they're heavily tattooed, so you'll know who they are when you see them.

Fallen Monster Family

Now let's look at the fallen. These are short demons that can make more of themselves. That's right, we don't just have to deal with one, we have to deal with more than one.

Demons of the fallen monster family are perhaps the most well-known in all of Diablo. If you play the game, you know who they are. They appear in every Diablo game, usually near the beginning.

The fallen shaman is the most famous and, of course, the most frustrating. First, there's the regular fallen demon, which is by far the most common and weakest of them all. If you've played any Diablo games, you should recognise someone from the fallen family. They'll have a variety of weapons, but mostly a shield, and they can be summoned by the fallen chairman. These are the ones that come out and spawn, and they have a little sword and a little shield.

Then there's the fallen overseer. This guy is a lot bigger than the first fallen one we talked about, and he does a little more damage. Usually, a pack of regular fallen demons will have one or two fallen overseers in charge of the grunts, so this is basically the leader of the group.

Then there's the fallen lunatic. This guy is one of the most annoying because he will quickly come up to you, and once he does, he will So, the next one is the idol of the, and we don't really know how often he spawns or where he comes from with the enemy, but we do know what he does: while he's still standing, he gives every fallen monster a boost to their stats, so he and the chairman should be your top priorities when fighting the fallen.

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Ghouls Family

Next up, we have the ghoul. Ghouls are very much like zombies. You've seen them in prettiest java games, but if you think of ghosts, think of zombies. They pretty much rise from the dead after feeding on the corpse. They seem to be very fast monsters and gather in very large groups. Blizzard hasn't come out and said much about the ghouls, but we're sure that they're acting like zombies.

We have two separate pictures. The first ghoul we see is called the "ghoul bruiser." He's interesting because he's much bigger than other ghouls we've seen, and he has a huge sword with a wavy blade. We could also see a bat by his side, but we don't know if it's a companion or a separate member of the ghoul family. The second ghoul we see is called the "ghoul swarm.

Gold Man Family

Next are the goat men, who, as their name suggests, are half goat and half man. Their complement is a mix of a goat and a person, called a kasura. These go half man half goats actually run sanctuaries in different places and are always part of very large clans.

They have the Blood Clan and the Ice Clan. Depending on which clan they belong to, they use different weapons and have different skills. Now, where did the goatman spawn, especially if you're looking for very unique weapons? The goldman clans are known to live in different places around Sanctuary, but so far, the only place we know for sure that you will find them is in the Scotland region.

The good news is that we have a lot of good information about the government, which makes us think that these are going to be early creatures that we're going to meet very soon. For example, the go band marauder is one of the first creatures we're going to meet. The marauder usually only has a one-hit axe, so he's easy to beat.

The goat man in Polar has a long beard spear that can be thrown at you, so keep in mind that he's a very far away player who can do this. Then there's the goldman mahler, who is bigger than the average government and does a lot of damage with a one-sided weapon.

Skeleton Family

All right, last but not least, we have the skeleton monsters. These guys are slow undead hordes, and bones and skeletons have been on the island since diablo 1, and they're back in java 4. These particular monsters move slowly, but they're good with a variety of weapons and spells, so just because they're slow doesn't mean you don't have to worry about them.

We have the skeleton regular type, which is the most common and the weakest. It has only one simple form, is very slow, and attacks automatically, like a zombie. The skeleton archer, on the other hand, will be very annoying because it uses a crossbow and attacks from four directions.


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